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COLOGNE WATER (Cookery, 1817)

PROCURE at a druggists, one drachm of oil of lavender, the same quantity of oil of lemon, of oil of rosemary, and of oil of cinnamon; with two drachms of oil of bergamot, all mixed in the same phial, which should be a new one. Shake the oils well and pour them into a pint of spirits of wine. Cork the bottle tightly, shake it hard, and it will be fit for immediate use; though it improves by keeping. You may add to the oils, if you choose, ten drops of the tincture of musk, or ten drops of extract of ambergris (unfortunately, you will not be able to get Ambergris, but interesting for historical information).

For very fine cologne water, mix together in a new vial oil of lemon, two drachms; oil of bergamot, two drachms; oil of lavender, two drachms; oil of cedar, one drachm; tincture of benzoin, three drachms; Neroli, ten drops; ambergris, ten drops; attar of roses, two drops. Pour the mixture into a pint of spirits of wine; cork and shake the bottle. Set it away for use.

Another receipt for cologne water is to mix with a pint of alcohol, sixty drops or two large teaspoonfuls of orange-flower water, and the same quantity of the essential oils of lemon, lavender, and bergamot.

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