Yarrow Trivia and folklore

Yarrow was used by native Americans as a wash to help manage sunburn.

It is thought to help manage stress and anxiety

It is a symbol of everlasting love

The genus Achillea, comes from the Greek warrior Achilles. Legend has it that he used Yarrow on the battlefield to help heal soldier’s wounds and as a styptic to prevent bleeding. Because of this is it also known as Soldier’s Woundwort, Knights Milfort, and Herb Militaris.

In Greek mythology Achilles was taught how to use the herb by Chiron, the centaur. It was believed to have grown from the rust on his spear.

The earliest traces of Yarrow are found in Neanderthal graves (along with other herbs).

In victorian days the language of the flower it can represent war or healing.

Other common names for Yarrow are


Old Man’s Pepper

Thousand Weed


Carpenter’s Weed



Devil’s Nettle