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From our goats to your bath.


Sure you can buy bath products NOT made in America...or with perfumes and preservatives...but why would you?

Our soaps are made with all natural, high quality ingredients that make every bath a spa treatment. Silky lather, natural scents.  Perfect!

Instant download patterns with a special emphasis on dogs, but there is something for everyone!

Dangling Grapes virtual stitches.jpg

Instant Downloads are a great way to start cross stitching.  No expensive kits, you can use materials you already have at home, and while colors are suggested, you can make substitutions to suit your preferences.

When looking for breed specific dog products, we recommend using the search to narrow down your results.

Purebreds, designer dogs, funny dogs, realistic dogs.  We have the dog cross stitch pattern you are looking for.

Custom made dog apparel and accessories...made in America with honest pricing.

bessie in night shirt apparel.JPG

Sure you can purchase dog apparel and accessories in a big box store.   But, not all dogs have the same body, so fitting is always a compromise. And, who wants the same thing everyone else has?  Your four-legged fashionista will appreciate a proper fit and the "perfect" colors!

In addition we dog accessories such as bows and collars. 

All Cross Stitch patterns are on sale until April 1st, 2023
Apply coupon code Crossstitch

Castille With Lemongrass.jpg

Goat Milk Soaps

Creamy soap, Castile, Soap, Pine Tar Soap, Shampoo bars....all made with our own goat milk

Treasure Chest 1.jpg
Colorful Horse Portrait virtual stitches

Cross Stitch Patterns for Everyone


High Quality Goat Milk Hand Creams and Soaps

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Now offering gift cards.......what a great way to buy for that special person near or far (or even yourself!).  Whether you are looking for high quality soaps or bath products, cross stitch patterns (instant downloads), hand crafted home decor, dog apparel or accessories you are in the right place!  Give a gift.

Support a small business.

Buy American.

Sounds like the perfect gift to us!


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