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About Capricorn Run Farm

The Story Behind Capricorn Run Farm.


Capricorn Run Farm is the product of a love of history my dad gave me, and a love of animals and plants that mom gave me.  During 23 years of American Civil War reenacting, I did what I usually do…threw myself into every aspect of what I was doing..and every aspect of medical, women’s history, and every aspect of the day to day lives of the past, because everything we becomes history; it is not all about dates and names of a few famous people. One of the  of the skills I learned was soap making (so much more precise now).


In addition, as an avid reader I had often read of the cruelty of animals raised in commercial farming, and the processing of food that left it…..not very natural or fresh!


This, combined with a desire to be more sustainable, which flourished after the passing of my parents. I had always gardened (specializing in heirloom plants), and had started with a few chickens, but I suddenly had a lot more time on my hands than before.  I began cutting back on my hours as an RN, and putting my energy into homesteading.  Six chickens became more than 30 and a thriving egg business.   Three goats became 7, with more milk than I alone could use. So I made a few soaps for my egg customers, and that lead to a demand for the high quality products I was making and a much busier soap business while embracing the values of the past. Hard work, respect for all life, and being less dependent on a fast paced, commercially produced world.


At the current time I share my life with 11 goats, 39 chickens, and 2 Chihuahuas (breed ambassadors, I might add…not all Chihuahuas are evil).


Sometimes you don’t know where life is going to take you…but my logo, a goat leaping towards the future, is a symbol of accepting the passing of time and moving past the challenges that life often presents us with. And yes, I am a Capricorn!

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