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Apricot Meringue Pie

A canned Apricot Meringue Pie is made by cutting the apricots fine and mixing them with half a cup of sugar and the beaten yolk of an egg.

Fill a crust and bake at 350 F. Take from the oven when firming up and let it stand for two or three minutes; then cover with a meringue made of the beaten white of an egg and one tablespoonful of sugar.

Set back in a slow oven until it turns a golden brown. The above pie can be made into a tart without the addition of the meringue by adding crisscross strips of pastry when the pie is first put into the oven. All of the above are good if made from dried and stewed apricots instead of the canned and are much cheaper.

All these recipes are from a cookbook I am working on, a treasure trove of recipes from the late 1700's to early 1900's. These recipes are perfect for homesteaders or people who just love to play with food. Subscribe to our list to keep updated on recipes.

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