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Lovage..or Loveache?

Lovage (Levisticum officinale)

  • Lovage is the only species in it’s genus

  • It has a long history in Europe, where it has been used as an herb, vegetable, and a spice. How so? Th

  • The leaves are used as herbs, the seeds are a spice, and the root is a vegetable.

  • In Italy it is referred to as “Mountain Celery”

  • “Lovage” comes from the middle English word “lovache” or “Loveache”.

  • There is a Scottish Lovage (Scottish Licorice) which is similar in flavor but stronger. It is native to the UK and Northern Denmark and Norway.

  • Charlemagne decreed it should be in every imperial garden, and Queen Victoria carried Lovage candies with her.

  • The ancient Roman believed it had medicinal qualities

  • European colonists brought it to the New World, as the plant is native to Western Asia, the Mediterranean, region, and parts of the middle East, but is now naturalized to much of Europe and the US.

  • Ancient Greeks used it for digestion and flatulence, and its leaves were added to shoes to relieve tired feet….which never goes out of demand. Mixed in with Rosemary, Mint, Thyme, and Lavender in warm water…and feel like you are at a spa!

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