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Nasturtium...More Than a Pollinator Attractant

Some of us have heard Nasturtium is an edible plant, but how do you use it? The first way is to put it in your garden to attract bees...It is easy to grow and is a powerful draw for pollinators.

In cooking, I personally use it on chicken, in Chevre, and in vinegar for salad dressings, but here are two examples of how you can use this peppery plant.

Both are from the 19th century.

Nasturtium Sauce

This is by many considered superior to Caper Sauce and is eaten with boiled Mutton. (This would also work in Piccata) It is made with the green seeds of Nasturtiums, pickled simply in cold Vinegar.

Cut about six ounces of butter into small bits and put them into a small Saucepan. Mix with a Wine glass of water and sufficient flour to make a thick batter, pour it on the butter, and hold the Saucepan over heat, shaking it quickly round, till the Butter is melted. Let it just boil up, and then take it from the fire.

Thicken it with the pickled Nasturtiums and send it to table in a boat.

Never pour melted Butter over anything, but always send it to table in a Sauce tureen or boat.

Mock Caper Sauce

Take French Beans, Gherkins (Cucumber), green Peas, or Nasturtiums, all Pickled: cut them into bits the size of Capers: put them into half a pint of melted Butter. Add two teaspoonfuls of Lemon Juice or Vinegar.

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