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Florist in Love

A bit of poetry for a beautiful day in May!

kendall Dec 2013

Feeling cool, damp, mist of air surround me whilst I run my calloused fingertips over the petals of every flower that reminds me of you. I never thought to study botany until the day you spoke my name in the husk of your skin chilling voice. Everything you do, everything you say, reminds me of the gentle chaste kisses of Mother Nature. Your eyes as mesmerizing as Borage, lips as inviting as Hoya. The way you say my name reminds me of blooming Orange Cream Dahlias and when you speak passionately is every purple freckled Orchid. I couldn't find any flowers to match the radiance of your smile until I stumbled upon my most beloved plant; the Sunflower. The infant of the center of our solar systems warmth. Because your smile is so warm and inviting, all I can possibly do is bask in its elegant beauty.

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