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Pea Soup

8 Quarts water

3 Pints split Peas

2 Carrots, or Turnips cut same size

2 Tablespoonfuls Celery seed

2 Tablespoonfuls flour

2 Tablespoonfuls drippings

4 Pound Piece of half cooked Salt Pork, or sufficient salt stock to season.

1 Teaspoonful sugar

6 Leaves of Mint.

Heat the drippings in a large Stew pan, then slightly brown the flour. Add Celery seed and water, and stir well until boiling, then add the Peas, Mint, sugar and Carrots.

Simmer for two hours in a covered pan, then add the pork or stock, and simmer another half hour. Rub all through a wire sieve and warm up again before serving.

All these recipes are from a cookbook I am working on, a treasure trove of recipes from the late 1700's to early 1900's. These recipes are perfect for homesteaders or people who just love to play with food. Subscribe to our list to keep updated on recipes.

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