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Savory Soup Powder

2 ounces each of:


Winter Savory

Sweet Marjoram

Lemon Thyme

One Ounce each of:

sweet Basil

Verbena leaves

knotted Sweet Marjoram

One half ounce each of:

Celery seed

Bay Leaves (some leave out the Bay Leaves, )

Dry thoroughly, but not to scorch: then rub the leaves to a fine powder. The seeds will be best ground, but pounding will do: sift all through a hair sieve, and bottle for use. This is an excellent compound.

All these recipes are from a cookbook I am working on, a treasure trove of recipes from the late 1700's to early 1900's. These recipes are perfect for homesteaders or people who just love to play with food. Subscribe to our list to keep updated on recipes.

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