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Spinach and Eggs

Eggs (Separated)

1 Tbsp vinegar


Black Pepper and Salt to taste

Butter to taste

Boil the Spinach as above, and drain and press it, but do not chop it.

Have ready some eggs poached as follows:

Boil in a Saucepan, and skim some clear spring water, adding to it a tablespoonful of vinegar. Break the eggs separately and having taken the saucepan off the fire, slip the Eggs one at a time into it with as much dexterity as you can.

Let the saucepan stand by the side of the fire till the white is set, and then put it over the fire for two minutes. The yolk should be thinly covered by the white.

Take them up with an egg slice, and having trimmed the edges of the whites, lay the eggs on the top of the spinach, which should first be seasoned with pepper and salt and a little Butter, and must be sent to table hot.

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