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Syrup of Violets

Updated: Apr 3

One cup of violet flowers

one cup of water

One cup of sugar

Put the flowers (cleared from their stalks and calyx) into a glazed earthen pan

Pour on the water boiling hot, and cover the pan .Let it remain in a warm place for a day, then strain off the infusion through a thin cloth..

Add the sugar, and place in a bain-marie: stir it well and heat it until you can scarcely bear your finger in it: then take it off. When cold, bottle and store in the fridge.

Violet Syrup can be added to lemonade or sparkling water to make a refreshing drink, or can be made into a cocktail with gin, Champagne, and a bit of Lemon Juice.

It can also be used in a glaze for cookies and cakes, or drizzled over fruit salad or other desserts, such as vanilla ice cream.

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