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Curry Powder

One of the things that strikes people when first using vintage cook books is that many foods appear to be rather bland...but that is not necessarily the case. Women were usually skilled in the kitchen, grew their own herbs and spices, and used "what was available".

This is one of the recipes that I have uncovered in my studies, and as a great substitute to the store bought curry you buy....and let's face it. Spice mixes are expensive...and homemade can be tailored exactly to your preferences.

Curry Powder

may be made almost, if not altogether, as good as the Indian, by taking three ounces of coriander seeds; turmeric two or three ounces; black pepper, mustard, and ginger, one ounce of each; allspice and lesser cardamoms, half an ounce each, and cumin seed, a quarter of an ounce. Put the ingredients in a cool oven for the night; thoroughly pound and mix together, and close bottle for use. Do not use cayenne in a curry powder.

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